We are recruiting! 招聘招生

My team at the University of Electronic Science and Engineering of China (UESTC) is recruiting full-time postdoc research fellows and research assistants. Candidates with a strong background in the following areas are welcome to apply.

  • Additive manufacturing
    • Development of vat photopolymerization platforms
    • Development of functional composite (electronic, magnetic, bio-) resin
  • Microfluidic biosensing
  • Electrochemistry biosensing

Interested candidates may send their CV to Prof. Yi Zhang at yi_zhang@uestc.edu.cn. Applications will be reviewed on rolling basis until all positions are filled.

We also have openings for Master and Ph.D. students in the aforementioned areas. Interested students may contact Prof. Yi Zhang directly at yi_zhang@uestc.edu.cn.


  • 增材制造
    • 立体光固化3D打印平台开发
    • 功能化(电子、磁响应、生物)复合光固化树脂材料开发
  • 微流控生物传感
  • 电化学生物传感

中文招聘启事请详见以下链接,本招聘信息长期有效,请直接联系张翼教授 yi_zhang@uestc.edu.cn



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